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Established in 2006, Fuzilogix is a leading provider of industrial automation solutions, equipment & process cooling system and allied acessories. We provide both turnkey and custom solutions for a broad range of clientele from textiles and packaging to manufacturing and beverages and from telecom and fabrication to high-tech defence industry.

Fuzilogix has strategic partnership with leading manufacturers to provide the latest and the most reliable technology to our customers. Our partners include: WAGO, ACCUENERGY, DECA, MTA Cooling, CAPLPEDA Industrial Pumps, SAKURA & PSM.

Fuzilogix provides complete services and retail solution for industrial automation as well as process cooling systems for industrial, comercial & domestic clients. With strategic partnership with leading brands and manufacturers, we are in a unique position to offer a broad range of products, after sale services, and technical expertise to customize and integrate those solutions.

Our services include industrial automation, equipment integration/installation/maintenance, and customization of existing infrastructure. We have worked with various industries ranging from textiles, manufacturing, processing, communications, power generation, pharmaceutical and all related sectors. This provides us a unique leverage over other service providers.Full screen intro with color background.