Complete Automation Solution

Our automation experience spans from the Device layer (I/O Panels, Instrumentation, and Motor Control), PLC Automation and Process Control, HMI and Operator Interface, annunciation, and SCADA.

PLC Based Control Systems

We offer a variety of Industrial Automation Services to help support our customers. As a result, our customers can do what they do best and spend their time and energy focused on their company’s core competencies. So, let our automation engineers design, program and commission an automation system that utilizes industrial robots, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers), motion controllers and user interfaces (SCADA and HMI) to meet your company’s needs. We also offer emergency response services on most industrial automation equipment.

SCADA & Control Rooms

At Fuzilogix, we understand the importance of information. Getting clear, accurate data in a timely manner is critical to managing automated systems. A SCADA system designed and implemented by Fuzilogix will provide advanced visualization and data monitoring, from multiple systems and components.
As an automation firm, we have experience designing and implementing systems with components and software from multiple sources. We use industry-standard open protocols, including Modbus, BACNet, SNMP, OPC, and ODBC. Our designs are compatible with most web browsers and mobile devices. It’s this high level of versatility that makes our turnkey solutions possible.